To adorn means to make beautiful.

“What we understand to be phenomena⁠ - Are but the magical projections of the mind - The hollow vastness of the sky⁠ - I never saw to be afraid of anything⁠ - All this is but the self-glowing light of clarity - There is no other cause at all - All that happens is but my adornment.”⁠ -Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal⁠

The last line strikes the vital point. All phenomena are but adornments. To adorn means to make beautiful, to decorate. All that happens is a passing decoration of joy, or sorrow - temporarily painting the space of your being. The point being - they adorn only for a moment, and the adornments aren’t you.

“For that which is boundless in you abides in the mansion of the sky, whose door is the morning mist, and whose windows are the songs and the silences of the night” - Khalil Gibran

You’re bigger than your body, and the world is shaped by your perception of it. The Sakya lineage of Tibetan Buddhism has a set of teachings known as the Three Visions. They represent the journey of a practitioner. You begin with an impure vision of reality, your lens is obscured by ignorance, greed and desire. Through practice and meditation, you attain an experience vision - and have a glimpse of a world devoid of your conceptual impositions. Finally, not much can be said about the pure vision - for it is a final recognition of that which you are - beyond ideas. Remember that it’s about the way you see reality, your vision is what matters. Try out a new vision: see yourself as boundless and self-radiant. From the inside out, change what’s happening inside your head - and from there you can benefit the world. See the play of the world as adorning your infinitude.

Harry: Is this all real, or is it just happening inside my head?
Dumblebore: Of course it’s happening inside your head Harry - why should that mean that it’s not real?

It is as it is.