Straighten Up.

"In meditation practice, you might experience a muddy, semiconscious, drifting state, like having a hood over your head: a dreamy dullness. This is really nothing more than a kind of blurred and mindless stagnation. How do you get out of this state? Alert yourself, straighten your back, breathe the stale air out of your lungs, and direct your awareness into clear space to freshen your mind. If you remain in this stagnant state you will not evolve, so whenever this setback arises, clear it again and again. It is important to be as watchful as possible, and to stay as vigilant as you can." - Dudjom Rinpoche

There’s a notion that meditation is entirely non-judgemental and passive. You simply rest with a bare awareness - allowing everything to pass through your field of experience. Perhaps in some later traditions - but in early Buddhist Meditation - exertion and judgement is key. Your entire reason for walking the Buddhist path is the judgement that your current suffering-saturated experience is unacceptable. At the beginning of the Path (or any new venture), you most definitely need the help of three friends: Exertion, Discernment and View.

View - Overarching & big picture goal+strategy

Discernment - Ability to examine and determine what is useful/detrimental with respect to the goal

Exertion - Actually working towards your desired outcome

You must definitely be critical of your meditation. Are you actually engaging with your object of contemplation? Are you getting lost in mental elaborations? Without developing a baseline level of concentration - progress on paths both spiritual and worldly is not possible. Don’t remain stagnant.

It is as it is.