Sounds Simple

A simple practice for you to try

“Do not pay any attention to thoughts or to whatever arises in the mind, but instead examine where the thought or the image comes from, where it abides, and where it goes. If we do this for long enough, we will discover that all thought forms are empty and that there is nothing substantial in the mind. Keep the mind in its own place, unmodified and without distractions, at ease in its state of clear naked emptiness. Do not attempt to stop the mind and do not follow it. In this way, we are freed of all the suffering of emotional affliction, and we go in peace. The happiness engendered is a deep calm, and we call it “serenity.” – Pema Rigtsal Rinpoche

The practice is simple - instead of focusing on the specific content of your thoughts, notice the quality of thought itself. What does this mean? Notice that all thoughts simply appear and pass away. They pass through your mind like clouds in the sky. As such - instead of noticing the detail of each cloud, focus instead on their motion through your mind :) The technique is simple, but we’re so used to taking each and every one of our thoughts as real, substantial and serious. I tell you, the more you pay attention, the more you realize half your thoughts are pure nonsense! Rejoice in this, and practice seeing your mind for what it truly is. Practice not getting caught up in constant elaboration, judgment and commentary.

It is as it is.