Practice makes Practice.

“So therefore, all of you, be sure to practice every day. Whether lazy or diligent, practice just the same. Practice of the Dhamma is not done by following your moods. If you practice following your moods then it's not Dhamma. Don't discriminate between day and night, whether the mind is peaceful or not... just practice.” - Ajahn Chah

It’s never been about feeling like meditating - if it was, then Dhamma would be just like everything else. When it’s enjoyable we crave more of it, when its unpleasant we generate aversion to it. Stop being fooled by how you feel - find out who the feeler is. Every morning, every evening - be compassionate to yourself and sit. The whole point is sitting when you don’t want to - to observe the way we habitually resist the reality of the present moment. Maybe your leg aches, maybe your head hurts - so be it, but don’t generate elaborate stories in your mind. The practice is less active than this - just watch your feelings and watch your moods. As Mooji says: “Don’t get lost in the things you are seeing. Look at the one who is seeing”. Another hint from Ajahn - “don’t hold fast.” Entertain thoughts and acquaint yourselves with them - but don’t cling. Hold them, but let go once you’ve taken a look. It takes practice, so just practice.

It is as it is.